Please select your project from the following available projects:

Animal Control - Animals running loose
Animal Control - Any animal bite report
Per State requirements, All animal bites are to be reported
Animal Control - Deceased animal on roadway
Animal Control - Excessive barking dog
Animal Control - Health/Welfare check
Suspected Neglect, Abuse, Abandonment, etc...
Animal Control - Wildlife nuisance
Other than domesticated pets
Building Dept. - Construction - Buildings/Structures - No Permits
Building Dept. - Construction - Vacant Subdivision Lots
Overgrown Grass; Mud on the Street; Trash
Code Compliance - Exterior Maintenance - Dilapidated building/structure
Code Compliance - Exterior Property Maintenance
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Erosion/Ground not stable
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Exterior storage
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Fence/Gate
Damaged Sections; Down at Sections; Fences are Required to Enclose Pools
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Inoperable vehicles
Stored on Private Property (flat tires, no tags displayed, wrecked, expired tags)
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Overgrown grass/weeds
Exceeding 9 inches in height/length; Grass Overgrowing the Curbs or Sidewalks; Noxious Growth (Poison Ivy, etc.)
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Overgrown shrubs/bushes/flower beds
Blocking any means of Egress Windows/Doors
Code Compliance - Property Maintenance - Swimming Pool/mosquitoes/stagnant/no barrier/no permit
Code Compliance - Sidewalk/Inlet Maintenance
Scaling Concrete
Code Compliance - Swimming Pools (keep draining pool water onto ground)
Code Compliance - Tree Maintenance - Dead/Hazardous trees (falling limbs)
Code Compliance - Zoning - Basketball Goal in the Right of Way/Sidewalk/Street
Code Compliance - Zoning - Boats, trailers, utility trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, etc.
Vehicles stored in front of the house in excess of 24 hours.
Code Compliance - Zoning - Dumpster/POD
Stored on Site in Excess of 30 Days.
Code Compliance - Zoning - Front Yard Parking
Vehicles parked on the grass in the front yard.
Code Compliance - Zoning - Garbage Carts Left at Curb
Carts left at curb days prior to and after scheduled pick-up.
Code Compliance - Zoning - Oversized vehicle stored/parked in residential district
Vehicles having the capacity of weighing in excess of 14,000 lbs over when loaded.
Code Compliance - Zoning - Recreational equipment stored in front of house (ATV, dirt bike etc.)
Code Compliance - Zoning - Utility Trailer Stored in the Front Yard/Driveway
Engineering - Curb and Gutter Repair
Engineering - Detention/Retention basins
Engineering - Drainage on Private Property
Engineering - Environmental Concerns - Blowing leaves, Grass into Street, Illegal Discharge into Stormwater
Engineering - Environmental Concerns - Water standing in street for excessive time
Engineering - Ground Water - Stopped up Storm Drain
Engineering - Handicap Ramps
Engineering - New Subdivision Development
Engineering - Street Light Outages
Requests for repair of non-working / broken existing street lights
Engineering - Street Lighting (New Installations)
Requests for new, non-existent street light installations
Engineering - Traffic Pavement Markers
Engineering - Traffic Signals (Red Lights)
Engineering - Traffic Signs
Engineering - Subdivisions - Visibility At Intersections
Parks & Recreation - City Parks/playgrounds/ball fields - Broken Nets (tennis courts)
Parks & Recreation - City Parks/playgrounds/ball fields - Damaged Buildings/Gazebos
Parks & Recreation - City Parks/playgrounds/ball fields - Damaged playground equipment
Parks & Recreation - City Parks/playgrounds/ball fields - Downed Tree/limbs
Parks & Recreation - City Parks/playgrounds/ball fields - Restrooms damaged
Parks & Recreation - Park Maintenance - Playgrounds, Ball Fields, Tennis Courts, Fountains, Restrooms, Walking Trails, Light in Trees, and Landscaping
Police Dept. - General Request
Public Works - Grounds Maintenance
Street sweeping, Litter collection, Grass cutting on City properties/right-of-ways, etc...
Police Dept. - Radar/Traffic Enforcement Request
Police Dept. - Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Boats, Utility Trailers, RVs, etc. Stored in Street
Police Dept. - Vacation/Security Check Request
The City of Bartlett Police Department is fortunate enough to be able to offer this service to our citizens. When you are going out of town the police unit assigned to your area will drive by and / or walk around your residence to assure the residence is secure.
Police Dept. - Vehicle Storage
Abandoned Vehicle on Public Property/City Street, Inoperable Vehicles, Flat Tires, Expired Plates, Vehicles Stored in the Street in Excess of 72 Hours without Being Moved.
Police Dept. - Vehicles stored in Street (72 hrs. or more, without being moved/inoperable)
Public Works - Drainage/Streets, Storm Drains, Flooding, Retention Basins
Public Works - Street Name Signs Damaged or Missing
Public Works - Street Repair - Potholes/Sinkholes in city streets
Public Works - Tree Maintenance
Tree limbs overhanging the public right of way streets and sidewalks.
Public Works - Water Meters - Leak At Water Meter, Sink Holes In Yard
Sanitation - Garbage Collection, Household Collection, Recycling and Yard Waste - Appliance Left at Curb (no sticker)
Sanitation - Garbage Collection, Household Collection, Recycling and Yard Waste - Garbage Cart Repair Request
Sanitation - Garbage Collection, Household Collection, Recycling and Yard Waste - Trash/Garbage Collection
Sanitation - Garbage Collection, Household Collection, Recycling and Yard Waste - Yard Waste pick up (leaves/limbs/grass)